So it begins.

With no idea how to start this, I’m just making the leap. Hold on tight, y’all.

Hi, sugar! Glad you found me. I am Danica. A 20-somethin’ (ok, closer to 30 than 20), female from a middle-class American family. A family of hard workin’ blue collars, white collars, and dog collars. (And no, that is not a innuendo, I love my pups.) Growing  up my life consisted of Jeff Gordon Sundays, meeting my dog at the bus stop, playing in the ditches after hurricanes, baking with my momma, and hair curling parties on the eve of cheer competition.

That’s just the tiniest bit of growing up. Because growing up in Florida was always an adventure. It’s a huge part of who I am. I bleed Florida. Mainly because the mosquitoes suck it out of you but, hey, at least we have love bugs, right?? (Floridian joke. Anybody? OK.) This beautiful state is where people vacation or move when they’re tired of the snow. And I get to call it home. Wow.

And although Florida may seem like all I’d ever need, I also identify with another geographical culture: The south. Ah, yes, the good ol’ south. This is because The South has class. Not the dancing redneck side of me that comes out at the honky-tonk after a few too many Jack and Cokes. The elegant, upper-society, piece of me that strives to be an amazing baker/homemaker/don’t-you-dare-leave-the-house-without-makeup…type of lady. That explains the “Belle” part of this name I’ve adopted.

In addition to my confused southern USA lifestyle, there are so many aspects of my life that I’d love to share with you. Like how I talk to my momma every day and I’ll always be daddy’s little girl. I’m married to my high school sweetheart who has a profession that carries a lot of weight. We have 10 feathered and furred babies we love and a garden that I will never get going.  And this life that is a whole mess of fun.

“So what’s the point here? What is this rambling going to be about?”

“Aren’t Florida and the South in the same part of ‘Merica?”

“How do you flute a pie crust?”

“What does your dog look like?”

Don’t get your feathers ruffled. I hope to answer all that and take you on this journey with me.

But her name is Arrow, she’s a German Shorthaired Pointer. Her siblings are three goats and half a dozen chickens. She has an auntie at grandma and grandpa’s house named Dakota.

Oh, right. The blog!

Let’s just call it a hot mess right now. I’d call it a lifestyle blog but even I’m a hot mess at times so, just seems fitting. It’s just some place for me to put my experiences right there on the computer screen for ya and we will go from there. Sound like a plan? Perfect. See you soon!



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